It gives me great pleasure to introduce BMA Funds as part of the BMA group of companies. Our firm possesses a strong capability for providing cutting edge asset management solutions for our clients. Pakistan’s Asset Management industry is at an early stage of development and BMA’s goal is to quickly become an industry leader in Asset Management through a multi-product business model.

Our focus will be on building long term relationships with our clients, delivering the best possible investment solutions to meet their goals, while adhering to international best practices. BMA has built its corporate reputation upon the fundamental principles of Trust and Integrity, which will continue to be key drivers for our business model moving forward.

I feel there are four critical factors that enable us to meet our benchmark:

The first is that we operate under private ownership. Being private gives us the opportunity to align our interests more closely with clients and to hire, train, and retain excellent talent.

The second factor is our investment process and portfolio methodology; that aims to consistently outperform the stock market.

I believe that the best way to achieve this constant success is to determine a broad top-down strategy that best positions a portfolio to capture market opportunities.

The third is our research capabilities, which range across multi asset classes and investment disciplines to form desired investment opinions. Our research team thrives on open discussions and debates, in pursuit of ideas that will make the difference in a client portfolio.

Finally, the organization’s culture is vital for the ability to counter the many challenges of both the capital markets and the industry. I believe that only by seeking excellence in all we do and adhering to the highest personal and professional standards will we continue to enjoy the confidence of our clients.

Khaldoon Bin Latif
BMA Funds

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