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Notice of Book Closure, FEBRUARY 201302/25/2013Download
Interim Distribution, JANUARY 201301/30/2013Download
Interim Distribution, DECEMBER 201201/30/2013Download
Notice of Book Closure, JANUARY 201301/28/2013Download
PACRA Announcement, JANUARY 201301/17/2013Download
Dividend Announcement, NOVEMBER 201211/29/2012Download
Notice of Book Closure, NOVEMBER 201211/29/2012Download
Notice of Book Closure, DECEMBER 201211/21/2012Download
Dividend Announcement, SEPTEMBER 201209/27/2012Download
Notice of Book Closure, SEPTEMBER 201209/24/2012Download
Notice of Book Closure, SEPTEMBER 201209/23/2012Download
Introduction of CDC Eligibility of BECF Units, AUGUST 201208/30/2012Download
Dividend Announcement, AUGUST 201208/30/2012Download
Dividend Announcement, JULY 201207/31/2012Download
Notice of Book Closure, July 201207/25/2012Download
Notice of Book Closure, AUGUST 201207/23/2012Download
BMA Funds Ramadan Business Timings, JULY 201207/20/2012Download
Dividend Announcement, June 201206/28/2012Download
Notice of Book Closure, June 201206/22/2012Download
Dividend Announcement, May 201205/30/2012Download
Notice of Book Closure, May 201205/23/2012Download
Dividend Announcement, APRIL 201203/27/2012Download
Book Closure Notice, MARCH 201203/22/2012Download
Book Closure Notice, APRIL 201203/19/2012Download
Dividend Announcement, MARCH 201202/29/2012Download
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