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Senior Management - BMA Funds



Khaldoon Bin Latif

Chief Executive Officer
BMA Funds

Khaldoon has over 12 years of rich and varied experience in Financial Services. Prior to joining BMA Funds, he was associated with JS Investments Limited and KASB Funds Limited as a Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He has also worked with TAIB Bank BSC – Bahrain, as a managing director of their brokerage, asset management, custody and advisory operation. He has also been associated with the research and trading departments of AKD Securities Limited and PICIC Asset Management Company Limited.

He has represented strategic and non-strategic shareholders as a director, in a number of different regulated entities.

Farrukh Hussain

Farrukh Hussain

Chief Investment Officer
BMA Funds

Farrukh has 23 years’ experience of managing various investment instruments, predominantly Equity Portfolio Management and system development and research related tasks.

Prior to joining BMA Funds, he worked with Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited, a blue chip manufacturing company of Crescent Group, in the capacity of Manager Finance.He has represented strategic and non-strategic shareholders as a director, in a number of different regulated entities.


Faisal Ali Khan

Chief Financial Officer
BMA Funds

Faisal is a qualified Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. He has over 9 years of professional experience ranging from financial reporting, regulatory compliance, budgeting and taxation to corporate and secretarial practices.

He has been associated with leading companies in the Oil and Gas and financial services sectors which includes Attock Refinery Limited and Saudi Pak Investment Company.

Qamar Abbas

Qamar Abbas

SVP & Fund Manager
BMA Funds

Qamar joined BMA Funds in May 2013 as a Vice President Investments and Research. Before joining BMA Funds he was working as a Head of Research and Product Development at Faysal Asset Management Limited.

He has over fourteen years of experience in fields of fixed Income portfolio management, Capital Market Research, Investment Advisory and Product Development with over three years association with UBL Fund Managers as a Manager Research and Product Development.

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