Step 1: Opening Account

Kindly complete the account opening form to begin your investment.

  1. You are required to fill Individual/Corporate Account opening Form along with
  2. Investment Form (Indicate interested fund types and amount of investment)
  3. Know Your Customer (KYC)
  4. CRS
  5. FATCA
  6. W-9
  7. W-8-BEN for Individual Account Holders
  8. W8BEN-E for Corporate Account Holders

Documents Required

For Individual Investors:

  • Copy of CNIC / NICOP of the Principal Account Holder.
  • Copy of Passport in case of Non Resident.
  • Copy of CNIC / NICOP / Passport of Joint Account Holder(s).
  • Copy of CNIC / NICOP / Passport of Nominee(s).
  • Zakat Declaration Certificate.
  • Form-B (Registration Certificate) in case of minor.
  • Plain paper Declaration for Non-Muslims.
  • FATCA Form.
  • Business / Employment Proof.

For Corporate Clients:

  • Articles and Memorandum of Association.
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • List of Directors / Trustees / Partners with the copies of their CNIC / NICOP / Passport.
  • List of Signatories with the copies of their CNIC / NICOP / Passport.
  • Board Resolution (Authorizing Investments).
  • Copy of NTN Certificate.
  • Tax Exemption Certificate (If any).
  • Zakat Exemption Certificate (If any).
  • FATCA Form.
  • Companies Audited Accounts.
  • Other Constitutive Documents.

Step 2: Make Payment:

Investment can be made in the form of:

  • Cross Cheque
  • Pay Order
  • Demand Draft
  • RTGS

Payment can be made in favor of “Trustee – BMA Chundrigar Road Savings Fund”


“MCFSL Trustee – BMA Empress Cash Fund”

Step 3: Submitting the Form and Documents

You can submit your duly filled Form in the following ways:

  • By personally visiting BMA Asset Management Company Limited
  • Courier your completed application, along with your initial investment and documents to:
    BMA Asset Management Company Limited
    Investor Relations Department
    804 Unitower,
    I.I Chundrigar Road,
    Karachi Pakistan

Have questions? Contact our support for help.