The portfolio shall be an actively managed mix of deposits, short term government securities and money market instruments. The aim will be to pool cash to be able to attain attractive yields and to leverage size for better rates. A significant portion of the fund shall be invested in high quality deposits. The remaining portion of the fund if any shall be a mix of Government securities, cash and near cash instruments which include cash in bank accounts, treasury bills, money market placements, certificates of deposits (COD) and reverse repo against authorized investments with a maximum time to maturity of any asset of not more than six months. The weighted average time to maturity of the net assets shall not exceed ninety days. The fund may hold some or even all of its assets in cash to provide liquidity.

The Fund may also invest in money market instruments outside Pakistan having 90 days maturity. The investment outside Pakistan will enable the fund to diversify the risk as well as avail opportunities of higher return in international markets that are undervalued. Such investment subject to the prior approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan(SECP and will be compliant with any other guidelines and directions as may be issued by the SECP and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) from time to time.

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