Retirement Fund Management is the art of preparing funding plans based on liability/payout profile & projected cash flows from current portfolio. Retirement funds can have far-reaching effects on the financial health of their sponsor organization due to their long-term cash flows and their size relative to the size of the sponsor.

BMA can work with you in developing a picture of the cash flow requirements of your retirement funds and putting in place an investment program suited to the needs and risk appetite of both the retirement fund and the corporate sponsor. Highlighted below are a few considerations involved in developing a retirement fund investment plan, and the process we follow to arrive at such a plan:


Cash Management

In addition to long-term investment plans, BMA also offers services for short-term liquidity management solutions for institutions.

Very often, financial managers find their businesses holding cash for periods ranging from 2 days to more than a month. BMA Cash Management Solutions can put this idle cash to work for your organization by investing in liquid, profitable instruments which provide safety of capital as well as attractive returns over the short term.

Small Business Solutions

Professional financial management may be quite a time consuming task for small business which may not be able to dedicate appropriate time and financial resources to investments of business resources. BMA presents an opportunity for small businesses to invest in suitable financial instruments via a variety of investment instruments which provide attractive returns along with protection from downside.

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