Step 1: Signing of Term sheet

Terms and conditions are decided with mutual consent then accordingly Term sheet is prepared.

Step 2: Opening Account

Kindly complete the account opening form to begin your investment.

  • Account Opening Form (Institutional)
  • Know Your Customer Form
  • Investment Form
  • CRS
  • FATCA Form
  • W-8-BEN for Corporate Account Holders
  • W8BEN-E for Corporate Account Holders
  • W-9 for Individuals
  • Investor Account Opening Form(Trading Account)

Step3: Signing of Investment Advisory Agreement

An Investment Advisory Agreement is also prepared which states all the terms and conditions agreed in the term sheet to ensure compliance with the SECP directives in this regard which needs to be signed by the respective authorized signatories at the bottom of every page.

Step 4: Signing of Custodial Agreement

A custodial Agreement and Power of Attorney is prepared in order to appoint a custodian.

Step 5:The Investor Account Opening Form is then handed over to the Retail Brokerage(BMA Trade) department. And the following procedure is followed:

  • Account is Opened
  • UIN No. and Sub Account No. are issued
  • CDC Posted Account Report will be sent to the client which needs to be signed for activation and tagging purpose

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